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February 11, 2021

Ep. 027: Resources to Make Life a Little Bit Easier

It's no secret that people are always busy. This is no exception for ministry life. Sometimes in order to ensure that everything is handled the way it needs to be handled a little bit of planning ahead is necessary. When it comes to making sure your family is eating healthy, well balanced meals in a timely manner planning ahead is imperative. This week Elizabeth shares her meal planning method that helps to ensure the family is eating well and the budget is staying in check. 

On the other side of the microphone Dusty shares some resources he has used to help make his job in ministry more manageable. Dusty shares how he uses e-books and audiobooks to get his daily does of reading done. He also shares how he finds time to be  poured into through the use of sermon podcasts throughout the week so he isn't trying to pour into his congregation from an empty vessel. 

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and join us as we discuss ways and resources we use to help make life flow a little easier. 


Resources mentioned in today's episode are:

My Meal Planning Process-A Wise Woman in Progress

Meal Planning: Digging Deeper-A Wise Woman in Progress

Plan To Eat

Build a Menu

First Baptist Church of Alamogordo Messages

Mayhill Baptist Church Sermons

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